Forty-three years ago, a scouting mission from the Elenfar Empire located a pair of habitable planets orbiting a dying star. This was the fifth system the scouting team investigated, earning it the notation “Echo” in the team’s logbook. As the Echo system contained eight planets, the system was officially logged with the Imperial Bureau of Astrological Colonization and Expolration as “Echo 8”. The scout’s report was passed along to the highest levels of government and corporate enterprise, since habitable planets are such a rare find in known space. The Empire launched several follow-up missions to the Echo system to determine the feasibility of colonizing the two worlds, and several corporations were allowed to conduct their own surveys of the system for resources.

A colony base was established on the planet within a year of it’s discovery, and after a decade the base had grown into a city of ten thousand, complete with a starport, residential habitats, and a garrison of imperial guardsmen. Over forty years have passed, and the colony continues to grow and expand. Secondary colonies have been established, and the Empire was about to bring the planet’s first skyhook online when an Illthari brood-ship appeared in-system. The brood-ship attacked the Imperial warship in orbit that defended the colony, and launched several grounding pods at the colony bases on the planet.

The Empire’s finest guardsmen fought off the savage and inhuman Illthari horde while above them a brutal space battle took place. The Empire’s warship fought bravely, but was taking critical damage from the superior brood-ship’s armament. The captain of the warship ordered the bulk of his survivng crew to the escape pods, and ordered his ship to ram the enemy vessel. The two ships were destroyed in the attack, and began to break up. One of the larger pieces crashed into the southern continent.

When salvage and rescue teams from a nearby colony base came across the wreck in an overgrown forest, they found that the ships’ remains plowed a 3 mile trench into the earth. Very little remained of the ships, but the ship’s impact revealed something startling; a buried city. Research teams called to the region after the discovery estimate the ruin’s age to be thousands of years old. It’s a very dangerous region to explore in, the native creatures are aggressive and several Illthari appeared to have survived the crash and are hiding within the forests. The Empire wants to know about these ruins, but with the Illthari now aware of the existence of Echo Eight, and the dangers the research teams face, the need for skilled professionals are high. A call has gone out to private security operatives, archeologists, scientitsts, medical technicians, and engineers to help uncover the secrets of the lost city and protect those who do.

Echo Eight